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Create Features cursor stuck in one spot

Question asked by alexandria_llewellyn on Jun 12, 2018

Hi all, 


I have been working on a series of park maps, and for whatever reason when I go to create a new feature whether it is adding a park bench to my existing point bench locations, or drawing in a new trail with a newly created trail shapefile, the starting point is near the middle of my map. The editor cursor won't let me move the picnic table, or begin the trail anywhere else. The editor cursor will move, but in the instance of the picnic table it will only stay in the one spot, I can not move it. I have checked the snapping, created new picnic shapefiles, and restarted my map. Does anyone have any suggestions of how to fix this? 


Below is an image of what I am working with, in the first attachment is the red point of where the feature starts, and "Tech dif 2" is when I go to add the picnic table it is stuck in the same spot.


Any help is appreciated! 


Thank you!