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What is the best way to organize GIS data?

Question asked by eneucere on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by RFernandes-esristaff

We currently have a network attached GIS drive that has not been organized in about 2 decades. I am trying to go through and organize the data. We mainly work in Texas so my folder structure will go as follows.


Texas (State) > Harris (County) > Houston (City) > Environmental (Type of data) > NWI (agency data was collected from) and finally the actual dataset.


If a dataset is larger than a city or is for the entire state the dataset will be in the folder that will encompass it. For instance for all of Texas' roads, they will be placed in Texas > Streets > TxDot 


There will be an additional folder with year if the same data set was gathered from the same agency multiple times.


Is there a better way to organize a lot of data?