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Inquiry about opening a Survey123 web form published using Survey123 Connect to ArcGIS Enterprise.

Question asked by kanin.scdg-co-th-esridist Employee on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by kanin.scdg-co-th-esridist

I created a Survey123 form using Survey123 Connect as usual. I then published the form to Portal for ArcGIS, enabling the web form option. However, after I tried to open the web form, I received this error:



And the web form becomes unresponsive e.g.

  • the submit button does not work
  • the geopoint question does not show a map thus cannot be used
  • the related/filtered choice lists does not work


Alternatively, If I use the field app, I was able to submit without any issues. I did not change any Portal configurations prior to this and I was able to use a web form before. Was wondering if anyone has this issue before since I cannot find any references by searching the web with the error message above?


Thank you in advance!