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Missing  Collection in Site Catalogue

Question asked by surendrankn on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by jgraham-esristaff

As per the documentation  Register a collection database—ArcGIS Monitor Administrator | ArcGIS Enterprise 

Our  ArcGIS  Monitor up and running  with 3 Collections registered,  Prod , QA and DEV. In the  administrator side   everything looks fine  but in the user view,  site-> catalog  displays only one collection.


The only collection showing up in the site catalog  is prod  and  in the process  prod and QA process are mixed up.

I have created   3 collections one  for prod , DEV and QA and  created  a monitor under each collections  and  system, process, http,  Arcgis  under each monitor. This setup will help us to get separate  group alerts  for each collection. I am reeving alerts from 3 different collection separately as intended.




I am not sure  what could be the issue  in the Catalog view.  Please find attached screen shots.