How do I Hide/Unload Dock Window during startup ?

Discussion created by blaiseCBRM on Feb 7, 2011
I've got a toolbar icon that loads up a dock window.  If the user closes Arcmap and choose to save the changes to the mxd file then the next time they load up that project my dock window loads up automatically.  So now there's an instance of the dock window but the user hasn't selected my toolbar icon.  Therefore when I try to interact with the map it doesn't work as expected.

So when my dock window is loading I can check to see if the related toolbar icon class is loaded.  If it is not loaded then I either want to:
   A) force my toolbar icon to be selected and have Arcmap react as if that icon is the selected item (instead of pan or zoom or something).  Or..
   B) unload or hide my dock window until the user presses my toolbar icon.

For A) I don't have a clue how to proceed.  For B) I've tried Me.Hide() and I tried getting the dock window UID and then used dockWinObject.Show(False)

Hope this all makes sense.