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Listen for draw-end in Geoprocessing widget

Question asked by khibmaesri-ca-esridist Employee on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by khibmaesri-ca-esridist

Could someone point me in the right direction here? Within the core widget.js of the Geoprocessing widget, I want to listen for draw-end. Draw-end is handled within the Editor when someone has finished creating an input sketch.

The "issue" being, everything is handled within jimu.js/digits/drawbox.js 

this.own(on(this.drawToolBar, 'draw-end', lang.hitch(this, this._onDrawEnd)));

I'm can't see how to listen for this in geoprocessing widget.js. (I simply can't copy on.this and have it work in widget.js. drawToolBar doesn't exist here)


I'm sure this is a simple task, I'm probably just looking/listening for the wrong things. In short, I need to do something in the GP widget once someone has finished creating input.