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Any Kind of Service from a Dot Density Map: Suggestions Needed!

Question asked by on Jun 6, 2018

Hi - 


I'm trying to turn a dot density map in ArcMap 10.5 into tiles (or any kind of service to show dot density) for use in ArcGIS Online. I'm starting with polygons that are symbolized with the dot density symbology, using several different colors of dots.


When I go to File > Service in ArcMap 10.5, and create a map tile service from the layer on top in ArcGIS Online, and look at it at the same scale in ArcGIS Online (1:2,257), it turns into the bottom.  On the Properties > Display Tab, I have checked the check box to "Scale symbols when a reference scale is set". A reference scale of 1:55,871 is set in "General" tab of the the Data Frame Properties dialog box.


There are two problems/inconsistencies I see:

  • On the top, yellow showed in dots that were dispersed with lots of space in between.  That's what I want.  On the bottom, the yellow is pretty much everywhere.
  • On the top, the yellow randomly was on top of or below other dots.  That's what I want.  On the bottom, it's uniformly on the top.


So. Suggestions on how to make a dot density map like the one shown on top into some sort of service that I can use with ArcGIS Online?


ArcMap 10.5 Dot Density Symbolized Polygon Feature Class:

Dot Density Correct  


ArcGIS Online Map Tile Service:

Dot Density Incorrect