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return_centroid does not appear to be working

Question asked by Michael.Brown31@ch2m.com_CH2MHILL on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Michael.Brown31@ch2m.com_CH2MHILL

I am using the Python API and attempting to query an AGOL hosted polygon feature layer to return back the centroids of the polygons.  I set return_centroid=True in the query, but I do not see the centroid information returned in the data when I load to a dataframe or view the returned json.  Below is my query:


q = site_data_layer.query(where="1=1",return_centroid=True)


When I run this same query on the layer via the REST API, I do get centroids back.


Is this a bug or am I not structuring the query the proper way or not handling the returned data properly?


Thank you in advance,