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ArcGIS Web appbuilder LocalLayer and dynamic services

Question asked by gkmcbride on Jun 6, 2018
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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to have WAB automatically update dynamic services? Right now when we overwrite an existing service with updated features we have to go back into web appbuilder reload the service to get the latest changes.  Then we have to rehide layers based on the updated layers in the map (mxd).  This breaks the popups configured, layer list, queries, searches, and attribute table (not all the time, randomly).  So i simply open locallayer to refresh the latest changes published (rest services).  Then i have to go and verify that each of the previously mentioned tools functions correctly in WAB.  Then i go to the WAB install directory server->apps-> app number and copy the widget configs for each one over the configuration we are using on our IIS web server.  I sure was hoping there was an easier way to have WAB automatically reread the latest changes in the rest services.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.robert scheitlin