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Collector - Don't Allow Null Values

Question asked by allenallen on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by allenallen

I have an inspection complete yes/no domain field in my map.  Every point in the map was pre-populated with an attribute value of "No" before I published it to  When the inspection is complete, the user changes the value from No to Yes and the symbol changes color on the map from red to green.


The problem is collector allows the user to input a <null> value, which is not symbolized for, so the point disappears from the map, since I have "other" turned off in the symbol settings. 


Is there a way to force Collector to only allow the Yes/No, and not accept the Null value?  Or do I have to go back to may source data and turn off null values, then republish my feature service?