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How to detect a multipart geometry 10.2.9

Question asked by forrestkaye on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by forrestkaye

Is there a way to detect a multipart geometry in the 10.2.9 version of the sdk?


My issues comes from the situation where the multipart geometry comes across to my offline runtime geodatabase correctly.  However, I need to restrict certain actions if they are working with a geometry type that is multipart and I am currently unable to distinguish that. 


I don't see any mention of multipart in the api reference documentation. The only place I can find it mentioned in 10.2.9 website or other documentation is here.


I see that multipart is supported in 100.x, but wondering if anything can be done in 10.2.9.  Query the part count maybe? But can't seem to dig up that info.