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Color of Picture Shutter w/in S123

Question asked by Chris.anderson on Jun 5, 2018
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Is there any way to increase the contrast of the shutter button and the black background when taking a picture through S123? I was recently in the field testing a survey prior to making it available to turtle biologists. We tried to take some photos of a turtle nest but were having a hard time finding the shutter to actually take the photo (see attached photo). We tried all the usual methods when taking a photo on our phones, but they didn't work. We eventually figured out where the shutter was located (at the bottom center). We tried taking photos on iPhones, Android phones, an iPad, and a Panasonic ToughPad all with the same difficulty in finding the shutter. I tried here on my laptop, and it is still difficult to see. Is there any way to make shutter more visible?


Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Chris Anderson

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission