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Issues with S123 App on Android and Win10 apps

Question asked by on Jun 6, 2018
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I am seeing two strange behaviours in a survey I have created when it is being used on both Android and Win10 Survey123 apps.


I have a form for Sidewalk inspections.  It has a the default hidden geopoint.


There are two separate repeats on the form to record distresses for two types of sidewalk materials. Each repeat has a geopoint. This geopoint is not always displayed, it is dependent on a Relevant clause as only certain distress types and ratings require a gps location to be collected.


Issue 1 - Integer value ignoring my 'default' value under certain circumstances


In one of my distress repeats, I have a 'distress count' integer. 


When I enter a distress that triggers the geopoint question being displayed, when I go to add a second distress (instance of the repeat), on the new repeat instance the 'distress count' value will default to be blank, ignoring my default value of 1.  This only occurs on a repeat instance immediately after one that triggers the geopoint.


if I remove the 'relevant' clause on the group that contains the geopoint


Reproducing the issue with my survey:

-Open Survey

-Go down to the 'Record Concrete Distresses' section

-Choose a distress class of 'Distortion'

-Choose a distress subclass of 'Curb Line (DCD)'

-Choose a distress rating of 2 or 1. This will trigger the location groups to appear

-Note the distress count integer is at it's default value of 1

-Scroll down and enter any text in the house number field

-Hit the + button to add a new distress (add a new instance of repeat (rpt_non_asphalt_distress)

-You will now see the distress count integer on the new repeat instance is blank. 


If you were to choose a distress rating of 3 or 4, rather than 2 or 1, the Location (with geopoint) groups would not appear. Then when you click + to add a new distress you would see the distress count integer respects my default value of 1.


Identifying what causes the issue:

If you remove the relevant clause ${loc_calc_c}='Y' in row 77 (begin group line for grp_loc), then go thru the above process, you will notice the distress count will never fail to go to default value of 1.

I have tried moving this relevant clause around, and if I put it on JUST the geopoint record c_location (line 78) the issue still occurs. This says the problem is likely about the geopoint question itself, not the group.


Issue 2 - Certain values not appearing when editing survey in Sent or Outbox


Reproducing the issue

-Open survey

-Go put in a distress that triggers the location section to appear. You can use Distortion / DCD / 1 as above. Put in a house number

-Choose a Surveyor value

-Submit the survey, either choose to send it 'later' (leave it in outbox) or send it 'now' (put it in Sent)

-Go to the Sent or Outbox as appropriate, and open the survey that was just submitted

-On the distress record underneath the gps point, you will see the values for House Number (as well as Location Modifier, Location Identifier and Location Comments) all appear to be blank

-Mysteriously, you can still add a new distress as if the required House Number value is actually NOT blank

-Some of these location attributes are referenced in summary strings I have made. If you scroll down to the bottom of the survey after opening it in Sent or Outbox, you will see the referenced house number (that appears to be blank) being displayed properly in the 'Review Entered Distresses' section.


Note this occurs regardless of the relevant clause that seems to trigger the distress count problem from Issue 1.