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ArcMap - 401 unauthorized Spam using GIS Server Connection

Question asked by bryanhoang6 on Jun 5, 2018

Hi ESRI Community,


Has anyone encountered this bug using ArcMap ('m using ArcGIS Desktop v.10.4.1 ) ?


Issue: The bug is where ArcMap is sending thousand of 401 - unauthorized requests per second using GetCapabilities to a server non-stop. 



  1. Add an existing GIS Server Connection - using invalid credentials (If you were to add a new connection 1st, make sure to use a valid credentials. After the connection is made close and re-open ArcMap, and change the password to make it invalid - this will prompt the window to stay open until you hit cancel. You will know if you have it correct if you hit "OK" and the dialogue box keeps re-appearing)
  2. Close ArcMap (without closing the GIS Server Connection dialogue box) by hitting the "X" at the top of the ArcMap window



  • ArcMap is still running in the background even though i closed the application. I confirmed this by checking window's task manager
  • Using fiddler to track my traffic, I can see that my computer is sending thousand of request per second to the server and all reporting a 401 - unauthorized request



  • ArcMap should not allow the user to close ArcMap without 1st closing the fore-front GIS Server Connection box
  • When ArcMap is closed, not to be running in the background sending 401-request to a server endlessly