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FeatureLayer: update-end equivalent in 4.7

Question asked by gasparovic on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by gasparovic

The title says it all, but I'll repeat:

- what is the 'update-end' event (v3.23) equivalent in 4.7? How do I correctly connect the 'draw end' event of the feature layer?


Those who have seen my last few posts, they know I've inquired about the popup and its issues after the refresh, where I was connecting to the 'refresh' event via 'watch'. Well, the thing is that at this very point the features are not refreshed yet as per see as the watcher apparently kicks off before the features are set fot the layer so I'm always getting the old snapshot of the data...


Thank you for all your help. Me as a developer I really miss the level of detail the previous version has offered (v3.x). The new one (v4.+) is good, but lot of information feels like it's hidden....