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Sentinel 2 imagery accessing older images

Question asked by lredmond on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by m_ouellette

I am experimenting looking at the sentinel 2 imagery freely available in Esri Living Atlas and ultimately would like to use it as a tool for quick change detection in vegetation. I can open the imagery in ArcMap and have also played around with it in Sentinel Explorer app online. What I am not sure of however is how to access earlier imagery which according to the supporting text is available. I also can't seem to see any other image in the Sentinel explorer app either, even though in the dropdown list it appears I should be able to select an earlier image (12 months ago). But I can't seem to get it to display. So currently all I can see is an image from a few days ago. Thanks for help with this - I am not highly experienced in using ArcGIS online to access data so it could be I am missing something obvious with this, but I am also failing at using the explorer app currently, so possibly there is only 1 image date available at the moment??