ArcPro and failing field calculates

Discussion created by Hornbydd on May 31, 2018

Hi everyone this is more of a "see if other people have the same problem" rather than me seeking an answer.  Over the last few months I've been using ArcPro and I have the very latest version.


Often when I try to do a field calculate or using the newer fields calculate tool it fails. I have not kept a specific record of these failures so can't say what the error is, but they are always simple calculations like computing a percentage value.  This is with the parser set to python3. So it's not me ******* up the syntax as I have triple checked them. If I then do exactly the same calculation but using the arcade parser (with the appropriate adjustments to the syntax) it always completes!


It feels like that python3 for ArcPro is less well supported than that of arcade. I don't have a problem with using arcade, I very much like it's cross platform philosophy, but having spent best part of a decade using python it is a bit frustrating.


So are there other users also experiencing these random failures in field calculations and just putting them down to gremlins? I'm just curious on getting a handle on the size of the issue?