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3D Point layer legend does not display assigned colors from unique value symbology

Question asked by rlovely on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by rlovely

I have a 3D Point layer that uses a Symbology with a 3D symbol and Unique Values, where each unique value from the attribute is assigned a different color.  There are 4 unique values in the layer.  I set each value to a different color.  The colors display as expected on the 3D Map, but they do not display in the layer legend.  What must I do to get the colors to display in the legend?  (ArcGIS Pro v2.1.3 - ArcGIS Pro About says 'Your ArcGIS Pro is current')


image shows that green is assigned to this value, but displays as the default red i nthe legendColors display as expected on the map (but not in the legend)