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Galaxy Andriod Tablet location issues

Question asked by SELC_User on May 31, 2018



I currently use collector daily for my job as a biologist. I use collector on my iPhone (iOS) and have a new Galaxy tablet I use as well. I have been having issues seeing my location on the tablet I use, for multiple maps for different projects. I can't seem to figure out why. If I open the map, it shows the base map, I'm able to add field attributes, and all that. It currently isn't showing my location--if I click on the location red box in the lower left hand corner, it shows a grey dot and has in the top box "Fix Time: never updated. No satellites, nothing. I'm not using an external receiver. Any reason why this is? Does it have something to do with my settings? I've tried a few different things, and would like some feed back on why this is occurring and what settings I need to have to work online-and offline for remote and local field work.




- Jake Hargis