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What is needed to develop ArcGIS Mobile application (android and/or iOS)

Question asked by DemersM on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by dlaw-esristaff

I am interested in building a mobile application that would allow users to edit and add data to a map (hosted as a mapService on ArcGIS Server) in offline mode, using the mobile device GPS and forms for data.


What tools, products and technologies are needed to develop such app?


I know this would be quite difficult to answer with such few details, but all information would be welcome.


Is using an android and iOS html5/javascript framework combined with ArcGIS Javascript API is enough or will we need to use tools like Android Studio with ArcObject SDK ?


I think the Collector app would be close to what we need, but some features are missing like complex forms to populate the features datatable. Is it possible to extend the Collector app?