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Rich Text and Dynamic Content in a Dashboard

Question asked by HERTE_SNCL on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by HERTE_SNCL

I'm trying to create a dynamic dashboard using ArcGIS Online. I've managed to create a dashboard that includes an interactive map with data linked from a REST service and charts/graphs/lists/details/indicators that summarize the information shown in the map. This all works nicely and dynamically so as the map pans everything updates. 


I was hoping to create a rich text element on the dashboard that would contain a standard descriptive text but with dynamic text linked to indicators or lists included in the dashboard. For example a sentence might say" The total number of fish in the study area are X" where X is the value shown in the dynamic indicator for fish occurrences on the map. Another example the total length of watercourses in the map extent is X km within X watersheds.


My question: Is this possible? Can we link indicators, lists, and details to rich text elements so that parts of the text show updates dynamically as the map changes? Is there a way to call these indicators using HTML or something similar?