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Publishing tile layer from Pro to AGOL issue

Question asked by bhemmer_usfs on May 31, 2018

So I'm publishing a tile layer from Pro to AGOL. I adjust the gamma in Pro to make it more bold and looks great in Pro. I publish it to AGOL as a tile layer. It is 2GB after adjusting levels of detail. I open AGOL and I find my tile layer. Thumbnail looks just how it does in Pro. However, once I add it to my map it is way too faint and looks nothing like I had set up. I've tried changing basemaps and adding pyramids in Pro but I am stumped. I've attached images to help explain what I am seeing. Thanks for your help!


Pro.JPG = This is how it looks in Pro (no pyramids)

ProPyramid.JPG = Pro after adding pyramids

Thumbnail.JPG = The thumbnail when I open the details in AGOL

AGOL.JPG = How it looks after adding to map


NOTE = The images from AGOL is of a tile layer with no pyramids. When I published one with pyramids it looks worse.