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Has anyone had trouble using Collector (iOS) offline recently?

Question asked by amandacfc85 on May 30, 2018

We use Collector to collect all of our data in the woods, very far away from service. The functionality of being able to sign in to your account while offline has recently ceased. Last week, I was out with some students and Collector was not logged in and I entered username and password and said it would not work because I did not have a Wifi connection. This has never happened before. Also, I can no longer sign out when I'm offline (not super important, but it's just something else I noticed) I thought perhaps it was a fluke, but I checked all the other iPads and my iPhone. No luck. I've also noticed the function that allows you to hone in on your location (your blue dot) just sends me somewhere random on the map. Has anyone else recently experienced these inconsistencies in the app? 

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