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Unable to update web layer with spaces in the name

Question asked by deanhowell2009 on May 29, 2018

This is another example of inconsistencies across the products - ArcGIS Pro and Portal for ArcGIS


My workflow is as follows:


1. Share As Web Layer from ArcGIS Pro - spaces are not allowed in the name of the web layer. I can live with that

2. Once published, manage web layer in Portal, I edit the web layer name to be more user readable i.e. 'TEST_First_Layer' to 'First Layer'

3. I can then load, view and manipulate 'First Layer' from within ArcGIS Pro / Portal with no issues 

4. I need to update the original web layer as new data has become available, so in ArcGIS Pro, I use 'Overwrite Web Layer'

5. A window pops up, showing my Portal layers, I select 'First Layer' from the list, accept warning message and then the overwrite screen appears with everything nicely filled in i.e. tags, edit settings, etc BUT Analyse and Publish buttons are grayed out!

6. Having seen a similar issue previously I am guessing it was a space issue so went back into Portal and set name back to 'TEST_First_Layer' and tried again, now the Analyse and Publish buttons are available  but why should I have to do this.


Question: Why is it so?


My guess is that the tool is using the web service title not an underlying identifier. If Portal allows the user to change the title to be more user friendly then then ArcGIS tool should be able to use it. 


It makes the tool useless if I do not remember the original name or someone else is trying to update the web layer at a later date.


If spaces are allowed in the title then other linking tools need to respect the changes to the name.