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Map crashes when loaded with message "has exited with code -529697949 (0xe06d7363) 'Microsoft C   Exception'."  (Repro sample included)

Question asked by on May 29, 2018
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In our application we are experiencing crashes, freezes, and failure to load the basemaps when the map control is loaded/unloaded multiple times during the maps lifecycle.  (Loading/unloading of a control may happen normally in WPF for many reasons, the most common is probably if the control is inside a TabControl. ) 


The only error message we are receiving is "The program '[24076] MyApp.exe' has exited with code -529697949 (0xe06d7363) 'Microsoft C++ Exception'." in the output window.


I've attached a sample application that demonstrations the issue. The sample has two methods to reproduce the issue:

1) Automatic -  It will automate the switching of tabs/adding & removing graphics. This has consistently reproduced the issue on 3 separate dev enviroments (win 10 x64). It takes approx 20 seconds to execute.

2) Manual - This will reproduce the issue on 2 out 3 of our dev enviroments (all win 10 x64). Steps included in the sample.


The sample also includes a flag called m_EnableMitigation which will activate code that helps mitigate the issue by removing and re-adding graphics layers to the map when it is loaded. We've called this a mitigation rather than a work around because it does not work 100% of the time. Its still possible to cause the issue if the control is loaded/unload very quickly by manually switching tabs or programmatically. 


I think our issue may possibly be related to this post as well:… 


Please let me know if there is anyway to fix this issue. We will not be able to ship our application with this bug the way it is.