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Why can't I load a vtpk in the runtime?

Question asked by Crittermap on May 29, 2018

There are ZERO examples for loading a ArcGISVectorTiledLayer from a local vtpk.

When do you plan to support that as mentioned in the documentation?

I assumed that's because it is so simple you can do it just by looking at the documentation.

However, I would like to ask for help because it isn't working.

I tried this:

mMap = new ArcGISMap();

File contourFile = new File(basedir + "wacountour.vtpk");

Log.i(TAG, "File " + contourFile.getAbsolutePath() + " exists? " + contourFile.exists());

String contourUri = Uri.fromFile(contourFile ).toString();

ArcGISVectorTiledLayer waContoursvtpk = new ArcGISVectorTiledLayer(contourFile.getAbsolutePath());
File mapFile = new File(basedir + "washingtonmap.vtpk");

Log.i(TAG, "File " + mapFile.getAbsolutePath() + " exists? " + mapFile.exists());

String mapUri = Uri.fromFile(mapFile).toString();

//ArcGISVectorTiledLayer usMap = new ArcGISVectorTiledLayer("");
ArcGISVectorTiledLayer waMapvtpk = new ArcGISVectorTiledLayer(mapFile.getAbsolutePath());



This fails without any helpful information whatsoever.

Failure is

7003 Invalid response


14 File not found.

Depending on the exact arguments to the constructor.

I have checked and made sure the files exist using File.exist().


I have checked the same vtpk files in ArcGIS Pro and they show as expected.