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GeoEvent Field Enricher Stops Working

Question asked by nkemphues_SD1 on May 29, 2018



I am encountering a frustrating behavior when using the Field Enricher (File) Processor on a data stream using the Verizon Network Fleet Connector on an installation of GeoEvent Extension 10.3.1.


I have two services that are referencing the same .csv file to add data to our feed. The VIN (tagged as the TRACK_ID) is the join field. This successfully adds the fields, to both the output feature classes and a test JSON file, for some time, and then stops. The value is not updated in the feature class, and the added fields are not present, even with a null value, in the JSON file.


Referring to my log files, I see that near the time that it breaks I begin receiving debug messages reading "No resource class match" and "No method match." I don't know what they are referring to. Before, I had some values in my join table match field that were incorrect, which introduced null values into the stream, but I have since corrected those.


I haved attached a karaf.log that covers the period when the shut off last.


If anyone can shed some light on the issue here, I would greatly appreciate it!