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Story Map Proxy Configuration ?

Question asked by Mayur_Dodiya on May 30, 2018

Hello All,


I created story maps journal using Portal for ArcGIS template. I downloaded the story map journal template from github, I changed my AppID in index.html page and deployed on my web server. It is working fine with asking users to put credentials with login dialog.


I Downloaded Resource Proxy Code from github and Hosted Resource code as DotNet in my own web server machine here


Now, I want to configure proxy for Story map in Config.js file so that users doesn't have to put credentials every time. I have 5 story map in category and each time you open story map it is asking for credentials and its annoying to users.


I have shared my web maps, apps, and ArcGIS server Services to Organization


Below is details :


I created story Map using Portal template > Build Story > Story Map Journal on machine : (Portal for ArcGIS 10.5.1)


I downloaded Story Map Journal template and deployed here on my own web server machine  :


Proxy deployed :


ArcGIS server machine here : (Highly available ArcGIS Server federated with Portal using load balancer URL)


Now. in Config.js file of Story Map journal template what should I add ? 



// ESRI default Proxy URLs
// {
// urlPrefix: "",
// proxyUrl: ""
// }

What should I put here I tried below but still asking for credentials
urlPrefix: "",
proxyUrl: ""


And then at the end of Config.js file another proxy

 //My portal URL



What should I add here I tried below :


Now, proxy.config file I put below code :



username="my user name to Portal"

password="my password to Portal"



PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!