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Route Service confusion

Question asked by evtguy on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by dmandloi-esristaff

I'm trying to port over some desktop functionality of mapping road locations into a webmap using the JS API but it's creating some confusion for me. I have a route layer- but not in the traditional sense. I took a dataset of streets and then routed it (Linear Referencing Tools->Create Routes) in ArcToolbox based on a field containing the full name of the roads. In Arcmap, that's all you really need to solve for a route between point A & B using VBA & .NET using the RouteMeasureLocator object. In other words, you don't need a Network Analyst license, stops, restrictions, etc to just return a line between point A & B. That's basically what I want to replicate, but as a web service.


I took that routed layer and tried publishing this as a service to our AGS 10.4.x server. I clicked the Network Analysis checkbox under the Capabilities options while publishing and it craps out saying that the "...Data frame does not contain a required layer type for Network Analysis capability". When I turned on our Network Analyst extension, it doesn't seem to like my layer because all the options remain grayed out.


I guess there's more to it when providing a route service but I'm not sure what other prep I need to do to get it up & running. What more do I need to do?


(My route is set up this way because I'm trying to facilitate non-technical staff who need to map a road closure. Under desktop, they select the road name, click on the map for the starting/ending points, and the route function draws the line between the two dots. I routed based on full road names to ensure that the solved route doesn't jump over a block and travel on a different road.)