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Error when cloning items from one portal to another

Question asked by astro on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by jtimm

I am trying to copy/clone items from one portal to another. We have a QA portal and a prod portal. Since I hit dead end with the copy content script, I switched to using clone_items from the ArcGIS API for Python.

While the scripts appears to clone the items, meaning in most cases an item will appear in the Prod Portal, but unfortunately they don't always work. I am currently working on two 10.5.1 portals, but the problem seems to persist.


Failed clones - Type of file and error

  1. Feature Layer (hosted), nothing appears when the item is viewed and the table is empty
  2. MapImages - refers to the Source portal, not the target portal
  3. Vector Tile layer - refers to the Source portal, not the target portal
  4. WMS - refers to the Source portal, not the target portal


Successful clones - Type of file

  1. Web Map with services - Everything is the same as the source
  2. Service Definition - available for download
  3. Shapefile from ZIP - available for download
  4. Vector Tile package - available for download


Code used:


We would like to be able to easily transfer users content from one to the other.  Right now that only seems to be possible if we use services from ArcGIS Server, but not if the users create their own content using in ArcGIS Pro and uses MapImages. Do you guys have the same problem and how did you resolve it? 


I am not sure whether it is a Portal settings issue, or that maybe clone_items is only intended to work for certain file types?


Any help you may be able to provide is greatly appreciated!