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Split tool creating multiparts from polyline intersections

Question asked by ContinentalMapping on May 25, 2018

I am kicking off the Split Geoprocessing tool from a standalone .NET application using ArcMap 10.4.

To summarize the issue. Say I have the following features where my input features are the 3 polylines and my split feature are the 2 black and gray areas.


I am running the tool by providing the input, output, and split feature class by giving the full path as a string. Any other options are the default. 

I would expect the output of the tool to be the following. Where one feature class is the features from the black square and the other from the gray. The red line has been split in half, the orange lines are unchanged, and no other changes have been made to the features.


However, this is not the case on many, but not all, PCs in my organization. Instead not only does it do what it does above, but also creates multipart features out of the polylines where a new part is created at the intersection between the polylines within the input feature class, like so:


Does anyone know what the cause of this is? Does anyone know how to stop it from happening? This issue makes the split tool unreliable, at best, and therefore we can not create helper programs that utilize this tool.