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tpk layer in the mmpk do not display

Question asked by veroniquexie2008 on May 25, 2018
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     I am trying to load a mmpk contains tpk layer, the loading is successful, except that the tpk layer does not diaplay, I use the sample code to load the mmpk, I use the most recent SDK 100.2.1


mMapPackage = new MobileMapPackage(mmpkFile);
// load the mobile map package asynchronously
// add done listener which will invoke when mobile map package has loaded
.addDoneLoadingListener(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
// check load status and that the mobile map package has maps
if(mMapPackage.getLoadStatus() == LoadStatus.LOADED && mMapPackage.getMaps().size() > 0){
// add the map from the mobile map package to the MapView
// Log an issue if the mobile map package fails to load
Log.e(TAG, mMapPackage.getLoadError().getMessage());

   it looks like this, the highway is a vector layer in the mmpk, the .tpk (states layer) is missing.




     I can load it in the ArcGIS explorer, the result is perfect. it looks like this:





 Did anyone experience this problem?