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How do I use a sequence ID from a SQL Server view as a primary key in ArcMap?

Question asked by infobleep on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by infobleep

Hi there


I created a view in SQL Server and unfortunately the only unique differences between the rows is an ID number in combination with the geometry [polygon]. Unfortunately there is nothing else that can be used to make them unique.


In order to make them unique I then created a row id. I use the following in my view statement:




That is working fine in SQL Server but when I open the table in ArcMap 10.6, the Primary_Key field is not displaying in the fields to select to make it unique.


If there anything I can do, as I can't use the geometry field in combination with the LPI_KEY field and nothing else is unique enough.


I cannot add in any additional columns to the underlying tables as they come are used by another application, which generated them in the first place.


Would what I'm trying to achieve work in ArcGIS Pro 2.1?


I'm only wishing to view the data and take exports of it to use in ArcMap 10 [yes that application from 8 years is still having to be used where I work].


This may be the wrong forum to post this as it's mainly referring to ArcMap but I couldn't find an ArcGIS Desktop forum or an ArcMap forum.