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Greetings from Rocky Top!

Question asked by hsinclai on May 24, 2018

Hello there!

Our team has begun working in cityengine as a way to develop a comprehensive transit proposal. 
I have enjoyed the complete street rule so far but I have some additional questions. 


Is there a rule for pedestrian walkways or plazas?
We are attempting to re-design a road from auto priority to transit oriented, including a single bus lane, bike lanes, and the rest a pedestrian mall. The complete street rule does not like eliminating all lanes, at least the way I am using it currently. Is there a rule more comprehensive to transit oriented development? We also have need for a pedestrian bridge going over a river.


My second question is:
We currently have a wealth of 3d models from previous projects and programs. We would like to import what we have already accomplished in the past to reduce the amount of time we spend building out our environment. Can I be directed to training on importing models from other programs?