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ArcGIS PRO 2.1.3 brought new defect - ERROR 001841: The class was not found%s. Failed to execute (AssignDomainToField).

Question asked by abhijeet on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 29, 2018 by abhijeet

hi all,

Anyone using ArcGIS PRO 2.13 have tried below steps and been successful?

1. Connect to database (Oracle 12c) using easyconnectstring.

2. Complete pre-requisite steps to create new utility network.

3. Execute 'create Utility network'- Utility Network created

4. Execute 'add domain network' - Domain network created

5. Add subtype to one of featureclasses e.g. StructureBoundary - subtype created

6. Assign domain to AssetType of this new subtype and save.

7. ERROR 001841: The class was not found%s. Failed to execute (AssignDomainToField).


This is happening with every subtype I create and repeatable.


Kory Kramer, hope this is known bug?  This is kind of showstopper for custom data model creation if one is using 2.1.3.  This isn't problem in 2.1.2 though.