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R1 (GNSS) units with Survey123

Question asked by crhgis on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by mcriel

Can folks share any "accuracy issues" stories using their R1 units with Survey123 (or Collector)?

Users have various versions of Android phones (S5, S6, S7, etc).

I set them up with a survey. 

I set up their R1 units. (Using SBAS and allowed for "mock locations").

They are "paired" and get a solid green light on their R1 units so this tells me they should be getting pretty accurate results. (When testing, I  was getting a meter or under accuracy.)

GNSS-STATUS tells them they have about 1 meter accuracy.

A good portion of their data (10%?) is not accurate (30-40 meters off). This is my concern.

They claim they are standing still when they send their survey.

They also claim they have a solid green light on the R1.

Any comments or suggestions will help me. This may be user error but not sure what to tell them other than make sure you have a solid green light, stand still, and verify the accuracy with GNSS-Status.

Any war stories will help me.




Bonus Questions

Can they have the R1 unit in their pocket?

Does having multiple gadgets paired to their phone cause pairing or connection issue?