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Portal for ArcGIS Data Loading Recommendations

Question asked by deanhowell2009 on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by deanhowell2009

I am looking for some best practice advice of how, when, why and who around loading data into Portal for ArcGIS.


The organization I am working for have migrated their GIS from a desktop installation to an enterprise ArcGIS Pro / Portal for ArcGIS deployment.


They have four types of data that are mostly stored on a file share at present.


  1. Base layers, both vector and raster, they source mostly from government agencies.
  2. Base layers, vector, they create themselves or improve from the base layers sourced from other organizations
  3. Corporate vector layers they create, edit and use in analysis and map production
  4. Corporate imagery i.e. drone imagery or aerial photography - these may be used for analysis


Portal for ArcGIS is hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have SQL Server that could be utilized as a data store for the layers that need editing.


We are looking to replace as many of the base layers using web mapping services (WMF, WFS, Esri Map Services) as possible and publish them into Portal. 


What I am seeking is advice on where and how the other data types, corporate vector, raster and edited base layers, should be stored. 


  • What has worked best for others?
  • What approach is easiest to maintain?
  • Should layers be stored in SQL Server and then edited through map services?
  • What Raster formats work best? Should they be converted or tiled?
  • What sort of access requirements need to be set-up for editing, viewing, etc


I would be interested to hear from anyone who has done anything similar to the above and what has worked well and what has not




Dean Howell