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Summarizing GeoEvents into one single email notification

Question asked by Missouri_EMGIS on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2018 by John.Evans

I wanted to know if the out-of-the-box output connector Send An Email has the ability to do this.


For example, at the moment I have NOAA's observed river gauge layer monitored by my Geoevent Service.  Every 24 hours, the service will search for any gauges at minor stage or higher within my state.  I already have an output connector that sends these geoevents to a feature service, so I can observe my service working the way it's supposed to.  However, it's my understanding that geoevents are not cached.  If I want Geoevent to create one email containing all of the resulting gauges that the geoevent service identified, along with their names, locations, and attributes, I would need a way to cache the geoevents and send them all at once.  


The second problem would be to format the email body to contain fields from all of the geoevents.  I haven't reached this step yet, but having seen the email outputs already it doesn't appear to have the ability to differentiate between the fields belong to different geoevents.  Has anyone had any success with this concept?