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Slow Startup/High CPU for certain AGS Services

Question asked by jgustine on May 23, 2018



We have a curious issue where certain dynamic map services (10.6 Server, SQL Server 2016) from the same database take an extra long time to start up and use about 30% cpu each. Once these services do start up and the CPU levels off, they perform well and as expected. Other services with data in other databases don't give us these issues.  


The user experience is similar. 1st thing in the morning when the app/services are 1st accessed, they take a minute or 2 to come alive. Once they do, they are fast for that user and all others as well. 


We have run all possible maintenance tasks on the db (Compress, indexes, stats). Run perfQanalyzer on the map docs (the data draws quickly in ArcMap). Everything looks like it should be working perfectly in AGS (and does after the initial load). It's just the slow start up. 


Any ideas on how we could troubleshoot this, or ideas on where to look next? I have a band-aid script in place that put's get requests in to each service 1st thing in the morning to "wake them up." This keeps the 1st users in the office happier. I have also adjusted the recyling to happen right before work starts to see if that helps.