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Why does my polygon layer only show up at a single extent in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer's Edition?

Question asked by KDChrist on May 23, 2018
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Good day!

This is my first question/post on GeoNet so bear with me!


So quick background, I am building an application using the dashboard theme in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer's Edition that is using a map from my organization's enterprise portal. That map has two layers, a polygon layer and a point layer. The polygon layer is very simple: it is symbolized by location (single symbol) and has labels. My point layer is symbolized by unique values. When the map loads in the WAB, the point layer loads and is visible at all scales. The polygon layer is not visible at the default extent, but visible only when I zoom in one extent. It is not visible at any other extents.

I have checked and double checked and ensured that the layer in my original map is set to be visible at all extents.

Finally, my polygon layer is selectable for data inquiries and other functions in the variety of widgets that are available, despite not being visible.


Can anybody shine a light on this issue? Thanks!