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Create Rounded Roofs with undistorted continous UVs in CGA

Question asked by Abele_Giandoso on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by CLau-esristaff

My goalHi all!

I am creating a medieval city.

I am trying to break a bit the perfect structure of the CGA basic roofs and curve a bit the surfaces (think of a Chinese traditional building for instance). Right now my workflow consists in a recursive CGA rule that splits the roof on the vertical axes and scales  the upper portion of a given factor, and then repeats the whole thing a couple of times.

I like the result a lot but the problem comes when is time to texture the thing.

If i project the UVs before the recursive rule (blue example), the UV get progressively distorted vertically. If instead, after the rule, I comp split the different roof sections in faces (purple example) each face gets undistorted UVs but overall the UVs become discontinous. I'd like to find a way for the curved planes of the roofs to have a single UV "flow" (like in the green example).


Can anybody suggest me a way to obtain this result? of if there is a more efficient workflow even better!

I'm trying to obtain it using CGA without importing a premodeled geometry from a 3rd party software, so that the rule can be applied easily to any base shape.