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Character Limit?

Question asked by pawtucketdpw on May 22, 2018
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Is there a limit to the number of characters that can be used in the side panel of a Story Map Tour?  I get s Save failed error when I try to save my story map but when I break down the text into different parts (to see if the error is in my html ) both parts work fine. When I add the whole thing, it doesn't save.  

my text is below:

Dinner - $14.99

(taxes not included)


<li><b>Arroz com Alum (Tuna-Style Paella)</b> -Fluffy yellow rice topped with peppers, onions, garlic loaded with chorizo, peas and tuna. Served with appetizer and soft drink.

<li><b>Lemon Chicken</b>-Cape Verdean-style rustic lemon-onion chicken with rice. Served with appetizer and soft drink.

<li><b>Catch of the Day</b> -Cape Verdean-style fried fish topped with chef onion sauce with rice. Served with appetizer and soft drink.


<p></p><i>Choose one appetizer</i>


<li>Mixed Green Salad

<li>Mixed green cherry tomatoes and red onions topped with balsamic vinaigrette




<li><b>Pastel De Cabo Verde</b> -Tradition never tasted so good! Crisp and golden pastel with tuna and fresh peppers. Choices: traditional or corn crust.

<li><b>Pastel De Bacalhau /Cod Cakes </b> A Creole twist to a New England favorite! Jumbo chunks of native cod, sour cream and herbs in a panko breading, served with house-made sriracha aioli.