Approach for Data Model Changes

Discussion created by apurvdanke on May 22, 2018
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Hi All,


I just wanted to start a discussion about data model changes. We have many instances where we need to do some or all of the following -

1. Field addition/deletion/renaming or any other field change.

2. Domain creation/modification.

3. New Feature class/Table creation.

4. New relationship class creation.

5. Enable Z-Aware or M-Aware on existing Feature Classes.

6. Unregister replica and create new replica.

7. Add/modify subtype to existing Feature Class.

8. Assign or modify privileges on feature datasets.


In our case we have a database where we have datasets registered as versioned, with archiving and editor tracking enabled.


We usually follow the process mentioned below to do any kind of data model change.


1. Disable editor tracking.

2. Disable archiving.

3. Unregister as versioned.

4. Do the data model changes.

5. Register as versioned.

6. Enable archiving.

7. Enable editor tracking.


My query is which of the data model changes require us to disable all 3 options i.e. editor tracking, archiving and versioning and which do not?

If some data model changes do not require all the options to be disabled then what is the best practice which should be followed in each instance?