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Is it possible to have a "multi-step" geoprocessing widget?

Question asked by 96213@charlottenc.gov_charlotte on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by rscheitlin

Howdy Team!


I'm looking at implementing an app that, as it currently stands, is wrapped into a single GP function and is working quite well, but the UI/UX side of me doesn't quite love how my GP widget functions. What I'm looking for is a way for the geoprocessing widget to, in way or another, provide the user multiple dialogues throughout their interaction with the widget. 


What I'm looking for (in a simplified scenario) is this:

  • User would launch the geoprocessing widget to show the 'geoprocessing input panel' (below)
    • Primary Input Panel
  • User would select features on the map and click the 'Execute' button.
    • When the execution has finished, the geoprocessing widget would then open a secondary 'geoprocessing input panel' (below)
      • Secondary Input Panel
  • User would fill out the fields and hit 'Execute' and then be complete.


The reason I want to do it this way is because I have intermediate checks built into the python script to dictate the geoprocessing widget’s next steps – right now, it’s all wrapped into a single script which will either run successfully if all the conditions are met, or exit the script with the appropriate error message and inform the user to start again. While this will work, it is not ideal.


Any insight / help is appreciated!


Previn Wong , Robert Scheitlin, GISP , Derek Law