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Automatise the creation of c200 maps

Question asked by Alexisargentine on May 21, 2018


I have a table with c200 columns (one for each year between 1801 and 2016) each one listing the names of all the polygons corresponding to the administrative units that existed at this date, and I have a shapefile containg all the corresponding polygons in one layer. Is there a way to automatise the production of maps, so that I can have 215 maps displaying the correct set of polygons for each year?  


So far, I have been joining my shapefile containing all the existing polygons to my annual table using the desired year column, then export it as a new shapefile, dissolve and remove empty polygons. I have tried using the model builder to automatise the process but I have not yet found a way to make it work.  


Once joined the data looks like this:    


POLYGON ID    2016    2015    2014    ...    1801

A1                      A1                               ...       A1

A2                      A2       A2                    ...   

A3                      A3       A3                    ...       A3

...                       ...         ...        ....         ....     ....

Z9                      Z9       Z9       Z9          ...  


There must be a more elegant solution to this problem but being a beginner with ArcGis I am struggling to know where to start. Any suggestion would be extremely appreciated. 


Many thanks