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upgrade 10.5.1 arcgisoutput directories changed?

Question asked by mravichandran on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by mravichandran

dear Readers,


good afternoon.  our production team migrated the ArcGIS server instance to 10.5.1.  


After the upgrade we observed c:\temp became the 'scratch' or working directory for all the services and GP Functions.  as a result of this change, c:\drive was getting filled up quickly and services/apps were throwing errors,


on the other hand, we verified that site and all services in load balanced clustered DEV instance to be set to:

cache: \\myShare_das\GeoData_FS\directories\arcgiscahe

jobs: \\myShare_das\GeoData_FS\directories\arcgisjobs

output: : \\myShare_das\GeoData_FS\directories\arcgisoutput

system: : \\myShare_das\GeoData_FS\directories\arcgissystem

cache (tiles): \\myCacheServer\arcgiscache


the values are consistent at the site and individual service level.


Since we don't have direct access to the prod servers, we are not able to check this.  we have placed a request for the prod support team to look into it.


Are there any other settings that could be causing the working folders to be set to c:\temp?  the GP service created using python (10.3?) was working well before the upgrade.


we are working closely with prod support team - we wanted to get more ideas while requesting them to make changes if necessary (all in 1 shot if possible).