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Collector for ArcGIS suitable for Utilities Daily Operation Jobs?

Question asked by GAUGR_dongenergy on May 21, 2018

Hi All,


I have established a small POC for one of our Business users team, where they shall use our own published maps for data collection from the fields including offline capabilities.


Now, as a second step I would like to do followings:


  1. Enable the Electric Distribution Network (of course only relevant feature services not all the data) on mobile platform (iOS).
  2. To integrate Collector with SAP-PM for Work Order creation and closure from the Collector
  3. To integrate Collector with Navigator to enable the field crew to reach to the plants and other sites using optimum routes
  4. Enable offline capability on iOS devices for all those feature data along with our own landbase webmap
  5. The data shall be created in a version thereafter processed through a manual QA run in ArcGIS Pro / ArcGIS 10.5 by user in back office.


Can anyone share a case-study where they have used Collector on ArcGIS Pro in an integrated environment like mentioned above?


Best Regards,