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Searching for users, groups, or items by partial suffix

Question asked by kdoman on May 21, 2018

This is in reference to the REST API's Users, Groups, and Items Search Reference.


I am trying to find an item in ArcGIS Online using the search functionality provided by the REST API using the suffix (end) part of a particular string. Say I was looking for a tag that ends in 'captain'. Looking through the API, I see there are wildcard characters for single characters (?) or multiple characters (*). So, I'm thinking I can try something like: 


q: {tag:captain OR tag:*captain}


and I should get back tags like "rowcaptain" or "spacecaptain".


Instead, I get  "Oh captain my captain" and "captain obvious", but no words where "captain" is a suffix.

Any advice on how to get the results I'm looking for?