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repeat_count resulting in strikeout text showing in select_one dropdowns

Question asked by LanceCole Champion on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by LanceCole

I have a simple survey form with a repeat section.  When I set the repeat_count to a previous integer value input on the form ${counter} the select_one dropdowns display strike-out text once a value is selected.  If I use a fixed value for the repeat_count or leave it blank and use the Add/Delete functionality of the repeat the dropdows are fine. 


I also tried setting using string(${counter}) and int(${counter}) for the repeat_count with the same result. The appearance of the select_one filed are set to minimal.


Any input?


repeat_count set to ${counter} an integer field value, strikeout text displayed in dropdowns:

repeat_cnt set to ${count}


repeat_count set to fixed value of 2, normal text displayed in dropdown:

repeat_count hard coded to value of 2


I attached a sample file that demonstrates the issue.  I did find a few workarounds; 1) place a non-zero value in for the default on the ${counter}, 2) turn off required on the select_one and 3) use a fixed value or do not set the value for the repeat_count.