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Can I toggle layers in a Shortlist Story Map?

Question asked by enFocusGIS on May 21, 2018
Latest reply on May 23, 2018 by ressinger-esristaff



I'm trying to make a shortlist story map for the purpose of creating an asset map for my community. One thing I would love to do is create an additional layer that shows the public transportation routes here. It looks like I'm able to do that via adding a layer to my map by going through the Web Map section under content. What is not clear, is if I can add in the ability for the viewer to toggle the public transpo section on and off as they would in selecting different tabs under the shortlist. If that is available and I'm not seeing it, could you point me in the direction? And if it's not currently available, I would really suggest it, it would seem like a very worthwhile function.


If that's not immediately apparent, here's a template for what I'm doing, and then just imagine having a little option to toggle on and off a public transportation route so viewers could see easy ways to get to different attractions.